Over the years I have written a number of opinion pieces in South African newspapers or equivalent publications: Mail and Guardian, Sunday Times, Business Day, This Day, Daily Maverick and PoliticsWeb. These primarily concern public policy issues, broadly defined. In the last few years I have taken a particular interest in education issues, in both the basic and higher education sectors. At some point I may try to collate all these pieces here. All past and current commentary pieces were, or are, written in my personal (or at least individual professional) capacity.

For the moment, my earlier commentary on higher education can be found here.

I have recently published a number of articles on The Conversation regarding various public finance-related issues in South Africa: the Parliamentary Budget Office’s failure in analysing nuclear energy proposals, the problems with Eskom’s arguments for nuclear, inconvenient truths about higher education funding, and the 2016 Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement. Many of these have been republished elsewhere.