First post

The purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet for some thoughts on economics (as a discipline and profession) and some reflections on academia, based on my experience of both. I take a particular interest in methodological issues in economics, which I investigate in some of my intellectual/academic work.

I’m also interested in the dynamics of academia and higher education institutions. I have previously written a number of newspaper articles focused on issues relating to South African higher education, but there is much also to be said about what happens internationally.

Given my current work at the time of writing this first post, I unfortunately can’t write much on issues relating to public finance, economic policy or politics – particularly in South Africa. I do have a strong interest in such issues and will probably write about them at some point in the future.

P.s. If you’re an editor and want to syndicate anything, please get my permission first. And always note that I write in my personal capacity.